• 2008

Company Description

Online Radio Automation and Production

Born out of the need for creative freedom, inventive fulfillment and a desire to overcome complacency, 977 Media has devoted themselves to offering diverse and unique means of getting a message or product out to the public, empowering brand owners like never before with an ability to reach their audiences and engage with the consumer community. 977 Media develops online radio stations for a wide range of clients:- Recently 977 Media and Shout Services Inc. penned an exclusive agreement for Shout! Radio Automation(SRA). 977 Media LLC is now the sole provider for the Web's only Cloud Based Web Radio Automation System. Now a Division of 977 Media LLC. - (http://shoutautomation.com) This addition has pushed 977 Media to the fore front of the Web Radio World., as there nothing that truly compares with SRA. Schools in partnership with www.kidStar.org Churches for example www.saddleback.com/pdrc Live events for Festivals and Concerts Plus we are developing a radio network online for indie bands and artists creating what we call social broadcasting. 977 Media have set about meeting and nurturing the needs of new talent from many different forms of media, whether these are independent musicians, enabling them to bring their creative visions to the world through our audio CD programs, online audio channels, downloadable magazines, as well as through more traditional media, magazines and other print programs ensuring that they also reach the marketplace the seek. Our creative team is driven by unique—some would say wild—visions which allow 977 Media to stand apart from the rest.