• 2007

Company Description

9to5Mac.com operates as a daily Apple news site.

9to5Mac was born in 2007 between the announcement and the launch of the iPhone from Seth Weintraub’s Paris apartment. Weintraub was taking sabbatical from Mac IT development work while his wife was given a fellowship to study in France. The blog was a way to keep up with technology developments and nurture a writing career that was also taking shape at Computerworld, an IDG publication. Mark Gurman joined the team when the logo still contained the coffee mug (right). 9to5 became a full time career in 2011 when Weintraub left Fortune Magazine, started up 9to5Toys.com and 9to5Google.com and continued ramping up with additional editors and reporters. Now 9to5Mac averages over a half million pageviews a day and while the other 9to5 sites don’t yet drive as much traffic, they are growing quickly. At 9to5, they make great efforts to be a top influencer in the tech community by consistently breaking exclusive news and being the first to report on relevant information to their readers. They deliver breaking information in digestible format peppered with commentary, wit and a deep understanding of the subject matter being discussed. It isn’t just enough to inform, but their posts strive to be interesting and entertaining as well complimented with compelling, high quality imagery and video. 9to5 is consistently at the top of the Techmeme leaderboard in their fields as well as top technology sites in Technorati and they have an excellent Tracour record. 9to5 reporters have won numerous awards and marks of recognition in journalism.