• 2002 December 16

Company Description

Open Source Business Applications

We make open source business applications for human beings. Everyday, millions of people wake up to face yet another day, working for the many different companis and using all these different enterprise systems out there. To most people, using these systems is work. For A1.iO, we want to make it fun, something to look forward to. We believe enterprise applications should be as easy to use as any consumer applications that are very prevalent on the Internet today. We believe that there has to be a new way to building, deploying and maintaining business applications. We believe in building applications with passion! At A1.iO, we are driven by this passion, to make the best of business applications, in everything that we do. We measure our success, not in how many sales we make, but how many satisfied customers we have. And we want to share this passion with our customers as well as our employees, who are our partners in making this a reality!