• 2000

Company Description

A2 Consulting is a consulting firm organization and management established in 2000.

A2 Consulting is a multi-specialist firm that cultivates the skill and versatility of the team, through a major training effort, which represents 6% of payroll. This effort is based on internal expertise on their clients' businesses, on technical know-how (risks, management control, customer relationship ...) and methodologies (quality, change management, ERP, decision-SI). The business knowledge / technical / methodological triptych often the success of their missions. This positioning allows us to build teams with wide expertise and better able to bring their customers the efficiency they seek, without unnecessarily increasing the load consultant. It also allows us to understand the company using a horizontal, master the multiple dimensions of a project, and consequently to better ensure the landing of project quality plans, delay budget. Innovation A2 Consulting spot more innovation at the heart of its strategy and devotes significant investments. They are particularly active in two areas: