• 2012 May 25

Company Description

A3CUBE Inc. was founded in 2012 as a result of more than five years of advanced research and development. The company has assembled an

A3 Cube, Inc., (“Company”) was founded in 2012 by the supercomputing experts Emilio Billi and Antonella Rubicco. From the very beginning A3C focused on providing the best solution possible to store, manage, exchange and analyze huge amount of data. For this reason, the increasing number of critical data-driven applications and the increasing amount of data these applications have to manage are strongly supporting the growth of the Company. The Company pioneers the transformation from the high-performance computing systems to high performance data systems and strongly believes in the importance of providing better equipment to the community to extol the maximum value from all the data collected. In short word, A3Cube implements specific technologies that efficiently solve the most critical bottlenecks in today distributed computing systems. The technology includes: a) The unique high performance convergent parallel file system, called ANIMA PFS b) The RamStor, an innovative cluster-wide in-memory data repository c) The GPU acceleration sharing, that permits to optimize the utilization of acceleration devices in distributed computing systems and machine learning applications d) The ultra-low latency, high bandwidth data plane that permits to achieve undermicroseconds node-to-node communication in systems with more than 1000 nodes. A3Cube integrates all these technologies into a single unified data and machine learning, cluster operating system called Fortissimo Foundation OS. A3Cube product portfolio includes two main families of appliances powered by Fortissimo Foundation OS and the A3Cube architectural vision: a) The “Personal Supercomputing” products series b) The “Exa-Supercomputing” product series. Both of the product families are complete plug and play turnkey solutions.