• 2007 April 01

Company Description

Developers behind Active Collab: Project management tool for task management, collaboration, invoicing, and time tracking.

Most companies are founded before they launch their first product. Not A51. The open source version of Active Collab was launched back in summer 2006 as a side project of one by one of the founders. Although it had a lot of potential, Active Collab (as an open source project) consumed a huge amount of time without generating any income. A51 was registered in the spring of 2007 with the purpose to develop and support a commercial version of Active Collab, while keeping the core values – openness, flexibility and the option to host the system on your own server. ActiveCollab is now a full-time job that employs more than 20 people. We believe that projects succeed thanks to good communication and execution rather than charts or reports. We are trying to implement that credo into our products daily and boost productivity worldwide.