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Employment Background Screening Services, Tenant Screening, Business Credit Checks, Credit Reports, Contractor Background Checks

Whether you are a business owner or landlord, we are here to provide you with the background reports that you need. Located in Houston, TX, delivers quick service at competitive prices – nationwide & Canada! Pre-Employment screening can help businesses avoid wasting resources in hiring and training employees, only to discover that the employment decision was based on insufficient or fabricated information. Complete Employment screening services including background checks, criminal records, driving records, credit reports, education verification, prior employment verification, reference checks and more. Check before you rent! Tenant screening services including credit reports, employment verification, prior address checks, criminal backgrounds. Business Credit Reports including bankruptcy filings, UCC filings, tax liens, total collections, etc. Driving records for safety managers ensuring clean driving records for business fleets to help eliminate risk and future litigation. Contractor Background Checks conducted before allowing a contractor to do repairs or construction on your property can help reduce the risk of getting scammed or dealing with unworthy contractors. Criminal background checks on individuals can be run as well as business license checks, and business credit reports to give you an insight on how they conduct business.