• 2010

Company Description

AAIC Ventures is a venture capital and private equity firm that invests in early stage companies.

AAIC Ventures focuses on companies with management, technology, and production in Asia, addressing a global market. AAIC Ventures believes that it is in the midst of a technological revolution and Asia, where it has its connections and experience, will play a pivotal role. At the heart of its AAIC Ventures' involvement in start-ups is the drive to support their development, innovation process and growth with both advice and hands-on involvement. Developing good ideas into a marketable product and process requires incredible innovation and creativity. AAIC Ventures likes to challenge the status quo and take an active role in finding alternative ways for our companies to achieve their goals. AAIC Ventures combines its work with its portfolio companies with serious capital commitments, often participate in follow-on rounds, and help in all aspects of further capital raising efforts.