• 2008 January 15

Company Description

Aaron Andrews Apparel is an online apparel shop.

Established in the dorms of Northern Illinois University, with fellow friend and then business partner, Aaron Andrews Apparel is determined to breathe a breath of fresh air into the urban apparel, ''lifestyle'', industry. Aaron Andrews apparel is a brand that's fundamental purpose is to motivate others to achieve their dreams. Coming from a background of community service, owner Aaron Westbrook has made it the clothing line's core value to give back to the community and to inspire youth and peers to dream big and have a clear vision to achieve goals that they set for themselves. The clothing line has motivated Aaron to be a guest speaker at various community events including the African American Heritage Board of Aurora, and to continuously lend his time to motivating students at his former middle school, Granger, in Aurora. All efforts to make a difference in the community through his business has led owner Aaron Westbrook to be acknowledged as a Phenomenal man of the year (2011) in his hometown of Aurora, and secure a nomination by his university as a Who's Who Amongst Students: colleges and universities upon graduation. Since its establishment Aaron Andrews Apparel has been featured in numerous publications including campus newspaper; Northern Star, campus magazine; Lifeline, online blogs; Stylistic Vision, Stayfreshonline, and TheGoodieBag Kingston. Many clothing companies stamp their logos on shirts with different graphic effects and call it a design... There is no underlying meaning or concept behind designs these days'' says Aaron in an interview in 2010. Though specializing in graphic T-shirts, Aaron Andrews plans to expand its collection into other facets of the industry and make the clothing line a global brand. Differentiating itself from other local and established designers, aA is motivated to making a lasting impression on fashion and in the community.