• 2015 May 27

Company Description

They are a hyper local food delivery service provider working solely at night. With added features, on fly booking and delivery in minutes

Dinepost9 is a midnight food and essentials delivery company. They are going to launch the hyper local avatar of dinepost9. The beta version will be released in month of march. They are currently serving people in Marathahalli region of Bangalore. Zomato features us in Bangalore's 12 best delivery places. Their new avatar will include a new state of art website, Customer facing Mobile App which will enable their customers to get their food from any of the night restaurants in no time. Also it has many unique features that is yet to be explored by any delivery model. They are targeting a delivery time of less than 15 minutes.

  • Manufacturer:

    Media and Entertainment
  • Formed:

    September 27, 2015
  • Founders:

    Biswadeep Mahato
  • Company Website:

  • Company E-mail:

  • Company Address:

    2nd Cross Road , Tulasi Theatre Road,, Marathahalli Village, Marathahalli
  • CEO:

    • Biswadeep Mahato