• 1992

Company Description

In 1991, a visionary Shri B.B.Somani sensed an opportunity in starting a business in Information Technology, which happened to be the future. And whereas computers were becoming a rage, nobody thought it fit to give an equal importance to printer ribbons, which played a major role in presentations at that time. Meanwhile, dealers were fleecing the ignorant consumer, and charging exorbitant prices for the printer cartridges and ribbons. This gave Shri Somani a chance to get a foothold into the then nascent consumables market by educating the hapless consumer on the different aspects of the product. Though he did face the ire of the dealers at that time, he built a good reputation for himself and his brands.

  • Manufacturer:

    Information Services
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    156 - 1 B, Akshay, 3Rd Floor Barne Road Mangalwar Peth Near Sinchan Bhavan
    Pune, Maharashtra 411011
  • CEO:

    • Mr. Badrinarayan Somani
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