• 1988

Company Description

ABILWAYS capitalizes on strong brands, each specialized in a field of expertise or business expertise.

BILWAYS is the new brand that ties together the different areas of expertise of their multi-specialist group : EFE, CFPJ, ISM, IDCC, PYRAMYD, ACP, E-learning Time, IFE Benelux, IFE Portugal, ABILWAYS DIGITAL and others to come. They are characterised by their continuous search for quality, respect for people, permanent innovation, openness to the world, and resolute confidence in the future. ABILWAYS says what it means : paths to know-how and action to meet the needs of companies and organisations that consider training as the way to innovation and growth. At ABILWAYS they believe that training is a strategic tool for change and is key for adapting to a constantly changing environment. They are convinced that knowledge, skills, creativity, and people’s engagement create value and are a company’s most precious assets. With 300 employees, They currently have a turnover of nearly €50 million in France, Belgium, Spain and Portugal. Their aim is to support and accompany their clients with their learning and development projects, in particular with international and multicultural assignments. Thanks to its expert positioning, ABILWAYS can capitalise on strong brands, each of which specialises in a specific skill or business expertise.