Company Description

ABIT Aktiengesellschaft provides application solutions for credit and debt management with a focus on software and services primarily in Germany. Its products include Modular, ABIT phinAMV, ABIT phinAVV, and ABIT e.POS. The product suite provides services for banking and financial services companies with entire credit process from loan application to debt recovery and settlement. The ABIT phinAMV product line is an application for performing automated default actions by creditors, collection agencies, and small to midsize enterprises. The ABIT phin AVV application is a solution designed for automated enforcement proceedings on behalf of local government entities. The ABIT e.POS is a portal solution that offers credit checks and business and addess information accessible online or through XML interfaces, as well as the Internet tool OptiMahnOffice that lets customers directly and electronically request the issuance of summary payment notices from default proceedings courts. The company is based in Meerbusch, Germany.