• 2008 August 01

Company Description

Cloud WiFi Infrastructure System

Abloomy Technologies provide high performance, enterprise-grade, 3-tiered wifi cloud infrastructure hardware and software system. The Company has designed and developed its own IP-protected comprehensive technologies and products from wifi hardware to cloud managed software. Its hardware offering includes Cloud Server Platform (CSP), Virtual Shared Manager(VSM), Cloud Access Manager(CAM), and Access Point(AP). If customers already have wifi equipment installed, Abloomy's wifi cloud management software work compatibly with all major hardware vendors and can be easily installed. Abloomy cloud wifi solutions are in use by many franchise business, hotel chains, retailer establishments, high-density public venues, and wifi portal operators. Founded in 2008, Abloomy Technologies enables enterprises, business, cities to build and manage their wireless network with highly scalable infrastructure, reliable, secure software solutions that allow them engage their customers, monitor their network traffic, deliver customized contents and offerings, and improve their overall business.