• 2002

Company Description

Management Consulting specializing in Digital Transformation & Innovation

Digital Transformation Successful businesses operate with an edge. In order for you to be at the forefront of the pack you need to push the envelope just a bit further than everyone else. Staying on top of constant innovation can be a difficult task. We have a proven record of enabling organizations with the right tools and technologies to take on the digital age. We can help your business take the next step in Digital Transformation and add value to your bottom line. Process Improvement Progress is impossible without change. Efficiency is an always moving target, staying focused on what’s important while eliminate unnecessary waste is essential in making sure that your team is effective and productive. Our past clients include marketing, digital and technology teams. We can help you analyze your workflows and processes, identifying gaps and opportunities, allowing you to improve your productivity. Project Execution Modern times demand innovative management techniques and efficient project execution. We work with companies in every stage of development by helping them execute their ideas. Globalization and instant communications have created a thriving and effective marketplace for freelancers, with top notch skills and motivation to deliver their best. We can help you source and manage a global workforce while ensuring a successful project execution. Technical Solutions We offer top notch Technical Solutions at a fraction of a cost. From small Responsive Websites to large E-Commerce systems, we can architect, implement, test and launch on time and within budget. We evangelize modern SDLC methodologies including Scrum and Kanban. Our services encompass business analysis, requirements gathering and scope definition, technical solution architecture, coding and implementation, system integration, acceptance testing and production support.