• 2005

Company Description

Abnormal Returns is a forecast-free financial blogosphere.

Abnormal Returns brings the best of the finance web to its readers. Over time, it has been widely praised and has become an integral member of the investment blogosphere. Abnormal Returns is now a fully integrated member of the StockTwits network of real-time sites. In its current incarnation, Abnormal Returns has two components. First, Abnormal Returns Classic, 'A wide-ranging, forecast-free investment blog' is the version of the site that has been online since its inception in 2005. The siteâ€s daily linkfest is relied upon by readers around the world for its consistent look at the best of the investment blogosphere. The second component, Abnormal Returns Now is a real-time version of the site that is harnessing the power of the StockTwits community to source unique and highly relevant investment links for its readers. The site seeks to artfully blend the use of automated aggregation tools and editorial insight to curate in real-time the rapidly changing financial web.