• 2000

Company Description

A&G Pharmaceutical is a theranostics company developing therapeutic and diagnostic products for the treatment of cancer.

A&G Pharmaceutical is a theranostics company creating and developing monoclonal antibodies to cancer-specific targets as a basis for novel therapeutic and diagnostic products. The company is currently advancing a near-term opportunity to develop and commercialize a line of diagnostic test kits that will improve early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer based on GP88, a patented and proprietary growth factor discovered by A&G researchers. Concurrently, A&G's therapeutic division is pursuing development of anti-GP88 monoclonal antibody therapeutics for cancer. A&G's customized antibody service generates revenue to fund the drug development effort by accelerating the generation of novel, functional antibody therapeutics for leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as federal laboratories. A&G has raised $3.5 million of equity capital and is located in Columbia, Md.

  • Manufacturer:

    Science and Engineering
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  • Founders:

    Jun Hayashi
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    9130 Red Branch Road, Suite U
    Columbia, MD
    United States
  • CEO:

    • Jun Hayashi