• 1996

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Amiga, Inc. is the company that holds the intellectual property associated with the Amiga personal computer (originally developed by Amiga Corporation), including the Amiga trademark.In the early 1980s Jay Miner, along with other Atari, Inc. staffers, set up another chip-set project under a new company in Santa Clara, called Hi-Toro (later renamed to Amiga, Inc.), where they could have some creative freedom. Atari, Inc. went into contract with Amiga for licensed use of the chipset in a new high end game console and then later for use in a computer system. $500,000 was advanced to Amiga to continue development of the chipset. In a breach of contract Amiga negotiated with Commodore 2 weeks prior to the contract deadline of June 30, 1984. In August 1984 Atari sued Amiga for breach of contract under Jack Tramiel, and the case was settled in 1987 in a closed settlement.In 1994, Commodore filed for bankruptcy and its assets were purchased by Escom, a German PC manufacturer, who in turn went bankrupt in 1996. The Amiga brand was then sold to another PC manufacturer, Gateway 2000, which had announced grand plans for it. However, in 1999, Gateway sold Amiga to Amino Development for almost 5 million dollars. Gateway still retained ownership to all Amiga patents.The owner of the trademark, Amiga Inc., licensed the rights to make hardware using the AmigaOne brand to a computer vendor based in the UK, Eyetech Group. However, due to poor sales Eyetech suffered substantial losses and ceased trading. In 2010 Commodore USA acquired rights to the Amiga name.

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    Jay Miner
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    Issaquah, WA
    United States
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    • Bill McEwen