• 2014 March 01

Company Description

Angel Club is a share-based crowd funding platform that connects startups with crowd investors.

Angelclub.com (天使客) is equity crowdfunding platform connecting startups with crowd investors. It helps to bridge selected projects with appropriate investors, making sure every good project is backed up with sufficient resources. Angelclub.com uses 'lead investor + follow-up investor' funding scheme, allowing a startup to find investors easily and helping single investor spread risk. Angelclub.com mostly focuses on Pre-angel TMT startups.

  • Manufacturer:

    Financial Services
  • Formed:

    July 1, 2014
  • Founders:

    Shi Jun
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  • Company Address:

    Keyuan Road, Kexing Science Park,, Building A2 -1401
  • CEO:

    • Shi Jun