• 2015 August 27

Company Description

FedEx Contractor

ANGEL Eatery Inc. FedEx Contractor-we will be an independent contractor for FedEx Home. We are looking to obtain the contracts for the areas of Cedarburg and Hartland Wisconsin. And provide top of the line customer service and care on business and residential deliveries. After being an independent contractor in Warren Michigan for 26 successful years I have decided to come to Milwaukee Wisconsin in an effort to bring my quality service work here. After 2 years of service to a few contractors here I have received many service awards. I feel that customer service and care can be expanded and obtained by other contractors if I am to have my own contracts and set an example. Immediately upon funding I will hire 2 crews of 3 drivers per crew, train them personally. Further, I will use the fund to purchase 4-5 vehicles to accommodate the capacity of the deliveries daily, have them branded with proper FedEx logos, have DOT inspections, and purchase employee uniforms.