• 2013

Company Description

AngelGallons is a provider that helps organizations with their transportation and shipping needs.

AngelGallons has developed an in-house proprietary platform custom tailored for 501(c) organizations. AngelGallons is an online marketing and management platform that enhances 501(c) organizations’ ability to: 1. Raise funds to cover transportation and shipping costs; 2. Efficiently manage online marketing campaigns and organize volunteers for their philanthropic efforts; 3. Facilitate direct online donations using a custom portal, web applications and social media outlets. Additionally, AngelGallons: 4. Provides tools and resources to ensure 501(c) organizations maximize the utility of their transportation and shipping expenditures; 5. Matches 501(c) organizations with their most compatible logistics’ and transportation partners. AngelGallons’ goal is to relieve 501(c) organizations of their logistical concerns in order to let them focus on their priority-- taking care of those who are in need.