• 2011

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AngelHack is the largest and most diverse global hackathon organization.

AngelHack, a female-owned, female-majority company is the world’s largest and most diverse developer ecosystem, helping to drive open innovation of tech products, platforms and brands with extraordinary smarts, scale and speed. Known as pioneers of global hackathons for more than 5 years, AngelHack’s 125,000+ developers, designers, and entrepreneurs in 44 countries around the world compete to build, test and launch new solutions over the course of a weekend. In 2013, they created the HACKcelerator program to connect winning hackathon ideas with mentors, and experienced entrepreneurs - building them out into full-fledged startups. Their nonprofit arm, Code For A Cause focuses on diversity and inclusion, advocating for girls, women, minorities, and vets in tech. They have hosted events in partnership with UN Women, Capital One, NYC Camp, World Bank, and more.

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