• 1983 June 03

Company Description

Angstrom Technologies, Inc., founded in 1983, manufactures organic fluorescent pigments.

Angstrom Technologies provides solutions for security, fraud deterrence and brand protection as well as process control, track and trace for manufacturing. The company manufactures organic fluorescent pigments, dyes and additives to provide covert inks, varnishes, and coatings. Its luminescent chemicals can be integrated with their electronic detection systems which have the ability to accurately measure fluorescent intensity as well as discern between chemicals by luminescent properties. They also help US government agencies detect falsified ID documents and improve border security. The company designs complete systems to protect document producers from counterfeit and provides an automotive parts manufacturers with a custom designed quality assurance system for load bearing strut assemblies in family mini-vans. Angstrom Technologies was founded by Marwan Aladdin and is headquartered in Florence, Kentucky.