• 2008

Company Description

Annuity Digest is a financial services portal that provides annuity calculators, investing advice, and retirement planning solutions.

Annuity Digest serves consumers by providing open and objective information on the world of annuities. The company delivers content and applications through an Internet-based social publishing platform. Annuity Digest visitors can learn, ask questions and share or discuss their views, concerns and experiences. Visitors may also research financial advisors, financial services companies, and products and services related to annuities. The site incorporates original, aggregated and user-generated content. All content is provided in an environment that is moderated by industry experts and free of sales pressures. Annuity Digest empowers consumers by providing high quality, objective and actionable content that lays the foundation for an informed annuity purchase.

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    Financial Services
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  • Founders:

    Tom Cochrane
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    442 Shotwell
    San Francisco, CA
    United States
  • CEO:

    • Tom Cochrane