• 2014 February 14

Company Description

Conversations in places and events

Place, messages and events worldwide. You can subscribe to your favorite places and as a result get a tape of all the places that you are interested in or out of each separately. Even if a particular location is no activity, Anonsus gather messages from the nearest locations in this region. No need to specify its location , it is necessary only to see the messages and events around you, or build a route to the desired point . Anonsus be called 'geo-social network' , but there is no such thing as 'friends' or 'Chekin'. It is a tool for communication in the location, organizing and coordinating event anywhere in the world. You can easily ask a question, or create an event anywhere. All who are subscribed to this place immediately will see your message, regardless of whether or not you are familiar.

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    Data and Analytics
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    October 14, 2014
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    • Ruslan Strogov