• 2017 August 01

Company Description

Anonybox is a decentralized and crowdsourced Online Logistics Platform based on the IOTA Tangle Network and it’s upcoming Smart Contracts.

Anonybox is a decentralized and crowdsourced online platform on the IOTA Tangle-Network, that allows users to • send packages • receive packages, and • act as a courier by delivering packages all while guaranteeing a same day delivery. Anonybox reaches this goal by constructing Smart Routes for the couriers by taking workload, location and future planned routes of the couriers into account. This is accomplished by our implementation of the Python-For-AI. Anonybox promises a hassle-free delivery by integrating self-fulfilling virtual contractual clauses to act as an insurance for all participating parties. What problem ? From the beginning of big logistics there has always been one big problem. The Last Mile. As big logistics enterprises don't have the capacity or skillset to act quickly and agile and tackle that problem, we, Anonybox, a Blockchain based, decentralized and crowdsourced logistics platform, try to solve this problem once and for all. Our system relies on self-executing Smart Contracts to provide the needed insurance, with parcels being stolen from many of the low paid couriers worldwide, and promises a guaranteed same day delivery inner-city. Our goal is to tackle the Last Mile in a decentralized and secure way using a Peer-to-Peertrust-less approach similar to Uber. By merging many upcoming technologies such as the Smart Contracts, the IoT sensors of many mobile devices (Bluetooth, GPS, Internet connectivity, QR-Code processing) and Artificial Intelligence for our Smart Routes and by being a crowdsourced platform, we can offer a complete one-stop solution regarding the problem of the Last Mile in modern logistics.