• 2010 January 05

Company Description

aNooYoo is a self-improvement service that enables its users to identify the areas in their life that needs improvement.

aNooYoo is a self improvement and goal setting system designed to allow you to identify areas of your life where you may want to grow and improve, to reach new levels of achievement through goal settings, and to obtain support as your grow. aNooYoo provides the ultimate free personal growth system which will aid in defining goals, setting targets and tracking your progress towards them. Features and Benefits The features of aNooYoo are designed to support you in goal setting and tracking your progress towards you goals and objectives. As new features are added, aNooYoo provides.. Life Area Tracking and Goal Setting Rate the various areas of your life including health, wealth, family, work and any others you want to track. Then set goals to improve those areas you are not completely happy with. Tasks within Goals and Coaching Define tasks (to do) and measures with milestones required to reach your goal, then track the progress towards you goals with optional reminders Interact with Coaches or Other Members To help achieve your goals, interact with professional life and business coaches through mentoring sessions, read articles tailored to your goal or team up with other aNooYoo members and registered professionals