• 2016 June 10

Company Description

another world is a young start up that specializes on the creation cinematic VR content

AnotherWorld is a content creation, VR/3D production and post-production studio with an in-house 105 camera Scan Dome and MOCAP space. Their main priority is to create photorealistic and exciting VR and 3D content while making use of the techniques of photogrammetry, storytelling, cinematic aesthetics, gaming interactivity, and their 512 GB RAM workstations that speed the process up. With over 15 years of filmmaking/post-production experience, 10 years of 3D/VFX know-how and 2 years of intense immersion into the field of VR, they have built a versatile platform to help their clients change the future. They offer interactive VR and 3D content development and production; VR games design and cinema production; 360° video production; precise VR/3D measuring systems for industrial and engineering purposes; scanning and 3D Modeling of human anatomy, objects, buildings, and interiors; retopology; post-production: editing, motion graphics, VFX and voice-over recordings.