• 2009

Company Description

Anova Technologies engineers connectivity solutions that optimize latency, availability, and capacity from client-port through client-port.

Since theirdge technologies to the largest number of market participants possible. When they opened shop, fiber was the primary medium for exchange connectivity with large telecom companies dominating the space. These firms were not attuned to the specific needs of financial clients – a rich opportunity for a young and hungry company such as ours. By customizing their end point termination devices and optimizing the fiber for the lowest possible latency, they enabled our clients to see the market closer to real time. Additionally, they were one of the first providers to take dark fiber, multiplex it, and offer it as individual passive waves. For clients who could not bear the cost of dark fiber, this service leveled the playing field. It delivered competitive and accessible connectivity options for the smaller to medium sized firms. These seemingly small enhancements not only made a monumental positive impact on their clients’ bottom line, they also forever shifted the financial connectivity industry.