• 2012 March 01

Company Description

Company builder which founded several fast growing startups with operations in more than ten countries in Europe and Latin America.

Antai Venture Builder is the leading online and mobile venture builder in Europe. Its mission is to analyse the market in search of business models with proven success, and once identified, they implement those models in new markets. To make this possible, they select the best-prepared professionals and co-found the new venture with them, accompanying them through the whole process. This implication is what differentiates them from other venture builders. Antai Venture Builder has co-founded multiple ventures with international presence like Wallapop, the leading second-hand marketplace app with operations in Spain and US, CornerJob, Deliberry, Stampydoo, Shopery or Elcodi. http://wallapop.com https://www.cornerjob.com/en/ https://www.deliberry.com/ https://stampydoo.com/ https://shopery.com/ http://elcodi.io/