• 2010 December 02

Company Description

Antara Software & Consulting is a SaaS-based platform that develops software for clinical trial management.

Antara specializes in building SaaS software for clinical trial management. Antara provides hosted software to pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations to manage clinical trials. The software is designed to reduce the amount of paperwork required to manage a clinical trial, provide real-time information about the trial progress in real-time, reduce cost of trial drug inventory, and minimize the patient data entry errors that occur at trial sites. This reduces the overall cost and time required to complete a clinical trial. The key software product, TrialDynamix, is an integrated clinical trial management system comprising an Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), Interactive Web Response System (IWRS) and Electronic Data Capture System (EDC) designed for use by Pharmaceutical companies (Sponsors) and Contract Research Organizations (CROs) to manage clinical trials end to end. TrialAnalytics is an addon product for TrialDynamix. TrialAnalytics is an advanced reporting and analytics tool for tracking clinical trial study progress and analyzing study data in real time. TrialPRO is an addon product for TrialDynamix. TrialPRO is an electronic patient reported outcomes software (ePRO) accessible over the phone and web.

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    Science and Engineering
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    February 2, 2010
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    Ground Floor, E-1 Block, Beech Building, Manyata Embassy Business Park
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    • Girish Nuli