• 2014 March 01

Company Description

ANTELOPE is the world's first muscle activating sportswear series. Tremendous passion for sports meets German hightech.

ANTELOPE is the world’s first performance enhancing sportswear. ANTELOPE consists of compression clothing with integrated electrodes, a smartphone-sized control unit as well as an app to control the system. Your natural muscle contraction will be strengthened from the outside through electrical impulses during a workout – every physical activity will be more intense and more effective. Gyms and workout equipment can be completely substituted by our products.  ANTELOPE is fully mobile and can be used everywhere and at any time. It can be integrated into every sport and is the perfect workout tool for professionals, ambitious athletes and for people who want to stay fit – regardless of age or the individual fitness level.  A training with ANTELOPE is highly effective: In 4 weeks you can increase: performance up to 30%, jumping ability up to 20%, muscle volume up to 10%.