Company Description

Anthem Academy is a young organization building a network of owned and franchised learning centers across the country.

Vision To Achieve Excellence in Enhancing Employability Mission Anthem Academy is committed to create a high performing network of training institutes that will set industry benchmarks and become the aspirational standard in Retail, Healthcare and English education in the country. We will create an enterprise that will maximise value to our key constituencies – our students, the industry, franchise partners and employees of Anthem Academy. Founding Principles Play a key role in capability building for the high growth, high performing organised retail and healthcare industries Become a preferred people partner to the industry, through active collaboration and interface in curriculum building and sharper focus on training to correspond with emerging trends Create a healthy exchange of experiences and knowledge to create a wholesome learning experience for students, and better prepare them to become key contributors to industry Ensure strong customer orientation across all activities Collaborate with highly reputed educational institutions and assessments and credentialing organisations to provide quality education as well as widely accepted certifications Operate in an environment that is inclusive, non-discriminatory, respectful and conducive to the nurturing of skills and competencies