• 2002

Company Description

Anthrogenesis is a fully integrated biotechnology company focused on human stem cell therapeutics and regenerative medicine.

Anthrogenesis, based in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey, is a biotherapeutics company that has developed proprietary methods for collecting, processing and storing stem cells and other valuable biomaterials derived from human placental tissue. Anthrogenesis is focused on developing and delivering therapies using stem cells sourced from human placental tissue to treat cancers and immunological, metabolic and inflammatory diseases. Anthrogenesis has demonstrated that the human placenta is an abundant source of biotherapies, including early stage stem cells and other biomaterials for organ and tissue repair. Anthrogenesis also operates Lifebank, a state-licensed blood bank that banks stem cell transplant units derived from placental tissue and in some cases, blood from the umbilical cord that is collected immediately after birth.