• 2015 December 03

Company Description

AOSCart is world’s No.1 Live nearby shopping platform of product, service & food for reseller & brand seller.

AOSCart is what you want, when you want it. Whether it’s a product or service or food across a city to country OR a delivery to your door, we give you the best choice at the touch of a button. Driven by our vision and craftsmanship, AOS technology moves the physical world toward the smarter cities of the future. As a location intelligence company, AOSCart is world’s 1st live nearby shopping platform by revolutionary changes in all current business models of e-commerce businesses. AOSCart is e-commerce marketplace innovation that gives nearby results of products, services and food categories for all types of sellers. AOSCart is mainly designed and developed for fulfilling the need of basic facilities like providing nearby genuine products at the lowest cost from all available e-commerce platform with immediate delivery. AOSCart is fully sustainable platform for worldwide. AOSCart easily became the most preferred online marketplace for all kinds of seller and buyer.

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    Data and Analytics
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    February 3, 2015
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