• 1997

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Aoxing Pharmaceutical Company develops and distributes narcotics, pain-management products, and drug-relief medicine.

Aoxing Pharmaceutical Company, Inc (NYSE AMEX: AXN) is registered in Florida in US and it is a specialty pharmaceutical company which specializes in research, development, manufacturing and distribution of a variety of narcotics and pain-management products and drug-relief medicine. Aoxing has its office in Jersey city and headquartered in Shijiazhuang City, outside Beijing, Aoxing has the largest and most advanced manufacturing facility for highly regulated narcotic medicines. Its facility is one of the few GMP facilities licensed for the manufacture of narcotic medicines by the China State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA). It has strategic alliance partnerships with Johnson Matthey Plc (LSE: JMAT), QRx Pharma (ASX: QRX) and American Oriental Bioengineering, Inc (NYSE: AOB).

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    1098 Foster City Blvd Ste 106-810
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