• 2011

Company Description

Apidel is an early-stage, privately-funded Swiss pharmaceutical company.

Apidel is an early-stage, privately-funded Swiss pharmaceutical company based in Geneva. Founded in 2011 by two University of Geneva researchers and an experienced industry executive, Apidel specializes in providing proprietary drug delivery solutions which enable more effective, safer and cost effective therapeutic products, which also help patients adhere to their prescribed medical treatment. Apidel’s proprietary technologies allow effective drugs, new and established, to be formulated into new pharmaceutical products with increased therapeutic potential. This provides a platform for new indications, even for established drug molecules. Apidel develops an internal pipeline of products utilizing approved pharmaceuticals and engages with pharmaceutical partners for joint development of products in various fields. All drugs formulated using Apidel’s proprietary technologies enjoy proprietary status under Apidel’s growing portfolio of granted patents and patent applications. By applying its technology to previously approved drug molecules, Apidel expects to accelerate the development and lower the clinical and regulatory risk of its product developments. By partnering, Apidel is able to generate revenue at pre-market stage and thereby increase shareholder value by ensuring an extensive pipeline of products. Apidel’s name is derived from API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) DELivery, which is their primary expertise. Indeed, Apidel’s technical experience in pharmaceutical formulation and in effective drug delivery using polymeric vehicles is unrivalled.

  • Manufacturer:

    Science and Engineering
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  • Founders:

    Robert Gurny
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    29 Quai du Mont Blanc
  • CEO:

    • Robert Gurny
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