• 2009

Company Description

Web 2.0 Indian Social Network

ApnaCafe is a social networking and review tool that connects you with South Asians around the world and share information with them. The word 'Apna' in Hindi means 'Our'. ApnaCafe allows you to connect with people in a meaningful and valuable way. ApnaCafe is built on a solid Web 2.0 platform with an architecture spanning interconnected social applications. The main focus of the site is to empower the online Desi community and allow members to share information in a comfortable environment. ApnaCafe was primarily started to consolidate all Desi-specific core applications and as a platform to bring friends from different networking sites together in one place, giving users many powerful features with a Desi identity. As with other networking sites, ApnaCafeâ€s clean design and user-friendly layout enables users to share information online the same way they do in the real world. They can connect with friends, find people with shared interests, join groups, send messages, share videos, compose blogs, write movie reviews and post photos.