• 2009 January 24

Company Description

Desi Dating Site

A free social matchmaking site for Gen Y South Asians, connecting people through tailor-made search, decision making tools and platform freedom. When creating apnakoi.com, the founders wanted to build a social matchmaking site that was designed specifically for the Gen Y 'Desi' (shorthand for someone from – or tracing their heritage to - the Indian-Sub Continent). And in doing so, they wanted to plug as many holes as they could spot in the user experience across conventional matrimonial websites, that spoke more to parents and family elders, than to the potential couple. The founders are confident they can carve out a niche for themselves, especially amongst the confident and self-assured Gen Y Desi who increasingly wants to take control of the single most important decision of their lives. apnakoi.com members can invite their Facebook friends to post referee comments that appear on their apnakoi.com profiles. And, adding an element of fun, apnakoi.com's Facebook application has a profiling tool that helps users determine their Bollywood persona. Users can compare their Bollywood persona with that of their friends. apnakoi.com will be running desi speed dating events, starting with Melbourne and Sydney in the first half of 2009. Cities on their calendar for the second half of the year include Mumbai, New Delhi and London. More cities will be added in 2009.