• 2016 December 01

Company Description

Therapeutic Wearables for Babies and Adults

Our wearable products are wireless, pulse oximeter + transcutaneous nervous stimulus Class II medical devices and consumer products that deliver a safe, effective, and therapeutic stimulation when needed to rouse a sleeping premature baby or to make the reaction of the wearer. For infants, the device detects a problem during the newborn´s sleep, delivers a mild stimulation, makes the newborn react and save by himself. It saves lives by rousing the child automatically, and alerts caregivers to the situation. Low energy Bluetooth connection to smartphones enables data to be shipped to a server. Caregivers and medical professionals can gain insight to many pathologies via the collection and availability of infant intervention data. For adults, our focus is to help Sleep Apnea patients.

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    February 1, 2016
  • Founders:

    Diego Delia
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    Buenos Aires
  • CEO:

    • Diego Delia