• 2007 January 24

Company Description

The Official Hellenic Stamp Agency

We started our stamp company in Chicago over forty years ago with the distribution of Greek stamps and Cyprus stamps. Demand was strong for Europa stamp issues and within the next three years, we added Europa stamp collections. We dealt exclusively with mint never hinged stamps. Over the past three decades our inventory has become quite extensive in Greek stamps, Cyprus stamps and Europa stamps. We are able to meet your philatelic needs. In 2011 we began offering new issues at face value for standing orders. We also offer wholesale prices upon request. What we have seen over the past few years is a tremendous resurgence in stamp collecting on the Internet. Apollo Stamp Company lists all the new issues on our website and updates the listing continuously. Whatever your collecting interests are today and however they might change in the future, Apollo Stamp Company will be here to serve you and bring ease and enjoyment to your new issue collecting. Our inventory exceeds 250.000 stamps, and we are member of APS, ASDA, NSDA and IFSDA.