• 2009 May 01

Company Description

iPhone App Developers

ApolloMobil.Com was established to develop iPhone applications in a variety of categories. Our first application is under review and should be available in the Apple App Store by October 15, 2009. Apollo Mobil Applications was developed by two creative individuals in Palm Springs, California who both envisioned a future in the Apple Computer iPhone mobile application market. Israel Urquiza is the CTO of AMA and the technologist that fuels the software end of our applications. He graduated from Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California in 2009. Israel can be reached at: [email protected] Michael Slattery is a former biotechnology consultant and is responsible for marketing and development. Michael can be reached at: [email protected] Between the two of us we bring a unique perspective to the iPhone development arena. We both have a strong drive to produce the highest quality apps that incorporate state of the art technologies and the most innovative ideas seen on the app store.