• 2017 March 28

Company Description

At Apostle, we aim to develop technologies to fundamentally improve the efficiency and accuracy of liquid biopsy.

The best predictive measure of the success of cancer treatment, universally for all forms of cancer, is how early the cancer is detected. At any size, tumors begin to rapidly shed DNA in blood circulation. Apostle is developing a technique to capture this circulating tumor DNA from a standard blood draw to help inform doctors if a patient is likely to have early stages of cancer, what form the cancer is in, and what treatment may be most successful against it. This will greatly benefit the entire population, as cancer is the leading cause of death globally. Early cancer detection via liquid biopsy has been identified as a $22 billion opportunity as soon as 2020 by J.P. Morgan.

We are positioning our company to be the pioneer in field of early cancer detection through blood-based liquid biopsy testing. Our ultimate vision is to develop an AI-enabled diagnostic system, using patent-pending nanoparticles reagents, that can use a standard blood draw to detect ultra-low levels of circulating tumor DNA, then use a best-in-class bioinformatics platform that plucks out hidden signatures to detect cancer at an earlier stage than is currently possible. This vision is feasible thanks to the 10x higher efficiency of our nanoparticle reagents as well as the AI-system that compares and learns from cancer big data.

In addition, our high-sensitivity technology can be used in a broad spectrum of clinical applications such as noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) and infectious diseases.