• 2010 August 09

Company Description

Innovation Delivers Application

Where Innovation Delivers Sustainable Application. App Burg believes that the most successful applications get delivered when Innovation is combined with Sustainability. App Burg has a portfolio approach to innovation, wherein the research is segmented into the following three categories: SUSTAINING OR DERIVATIVE INNOVATION: Innovations that offer improvements on current offerings in current markets PLATFORM INNOVATIONS: Innovations that help customers move to adjacent technologies and create additional capabilities DISRUPTIVE INNOVATIONS: Innovations that are game changers and bring radical changes to current markets and capabilities. App Burg invests in research in adjacent and futuristic technologies and apply a metrics- driven approach to innovation. Using an open and collaborative framework, it connects customers to the best of breed entities in the technology landscape and enable them to gain a competitive advantage. App Burg develops frameworks for sustainable software solutions for its clients. There are not enough software applications today where over time a team can stay the same size (or even shrink) and still deal with the increasing complexity of its software and its ecosystem and increasing customer demands. The advantage of having sustainable software solutions in hand is that clients are in full control of any situation and can out-ship their competitors because they are able to respond more rapidly and at a much lower cost. App Burg offers services broadly into following three categories : APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT Our application development services help you address evolving business and technology challenges by defining, designing and building applications tailored to meet your business requirements. APPLICATION MAINTENANCE Our application maintenance services maximize your existing IT applications through maintainability analysis, maintenance and enhancement. APPLICATION REJUVENATION