• 2009 October 02

Company Description

Brooklyn-based Mobile Agency specializing in design and development of iOS & Android mobile applications.

App Partner is a Brooklyn-based mobile agency specializing in the design & development of custom iOS & Android apps. We offer end-to-end mobile services from branding and strategy through coding, testing and post-launch optimization. It’s our mission in every engagement to deliver… Solutions-Based Technology Our team tackles traditional problems with not-so-traditional solutions. We’re always open to exploring new technologies, so whether you’re looking to innovate or simply excel, we bring the latest mobile intelligence to the table. Close Collaboration Be as involved as you want to be. Work out of our office for a day, do a screen share session with our designers, or simply check in during the weekly conference call. Our team is your team. Flexibility Beyond developing apps, we’ve provided on-site support during critical demos, helped startups hire their first employees and delivered mobile business insight to corporate marketing teams. Whatever you’re needs, we’ll do what we can to help. A Long-Term Vision The work of building a successful mobile app doesn’t end at launch. Strategic improvements include optimizing performance, capturing new opportunities and more. That’s just the type of long-term relationship we excel at. Made in Brooklyn Our location gives us access to the best strategists, developers, designers and account managers in the world, not to mention real strategic benefits. We believe in the doing the job right—and that means doing the job in Brooklyn.