• 2002 May 01

Company Description

Mobile services platform

AppCell develops and hosts the VAST SAS Platform which provides connectivity and online service development tools for messaging based services. â–º Typically, Service Providers (or their equivalents within MNO/MVNO) have created and deployed new mobile services one at a time, each with its own network and management resources. With VAST Platform, mobile operators and Service Providers can integrate their mobile services into a single platform in which network and management resources are shared, thus minimizing duplication, simplifying management and reducing costs. â–º AppCell VAST Platform enables anyone to create and launch new services quickly, cost effectively and with reduced risk, ultimately, allowing their VAS business to compete more successfully in a rapidly changing market. AppCell is currently serving businesses around the world and deployed thousands of services. â–º AppCell VAST Platform is built on industry-standard network and software components and interfaces . AppCell's emphasis on a flexible, standards-based approach provides shared access to common resources, open interfaces to OSS and BSS (operations and business support systems), seamless interaction between applications and managed third-party access to network resources without compromising network integrity and security.