• 2011 June 01

Company Description

AppChina is a Chinese app discovery engine that recommends apps based on location and preference.

AppChina (formerly Qiuqiu), is an app discovery engine based in China that recommends apps based on where you are, the time of day and what things you like to do. Qiuqiu is developed by AppChina, one of the leading third party Android markets. The founders are a group of very experienced senior engineers and product managers from STC Bing search technology centre and graduates from Tsinghua, Beijing and Fudan Universities. Being successful in the Android market, as Luo Chuan, the co-founder of AppChina, formerly CEO of MySpace China, said, means suppling the right apps at the right time. AppChina is moving forward to the field of search engine and data mining and try to develop a new way of discovering Android apps most suitable for you.