• 2012 August 11

Company Description

AppCurious is an Internet forum enabling app users to get their questions answered and get personalized app recommendations from developers.

AppCurious is a social Q&A network for app users that invites developers into the conversation: When someone comments on their app, developers are notified and can respond. Finding a decent - let alone great - app amongst the 800,000 other apps in the App Store is a daunting task. AppCurious has built a social network based on trust to make finding the right app for you a little bit easier. When we see peoples phones, we are curious to see what apps they have. AppCurious allows you to do just that and find new apps. AppCurious is a fun social network focused solely on apps. You can sign up via Facebook, Twitter or email. This allows you to find your friends or people you trust no matter what service they happen to use. AppCurious differs from other app discovery services by relying on the people you trust instead of artificial intelligence. AppCurious is a medium for communication and app discovery through the people you trust. And unlike the App Store, AppCurious gives member developers (once verified) the ability to respond to comments and post news updates on their App Page. AppCurious starts by detecting the apps on your device. You can then select which apps you want displayed on your profile, leaving out the ones you don't want displayed. AppCurious profiles not only allows you to share the apps you have on your iPhone with your friends, but also to sort them into awesome collections. AppCurious profiles also shows who you're following and whose following you. With the AppCurious news feed, you can see app activity in real time from people you follow. You can also comment and respond to updates. AppCurious app pages not only allow you to share the featured app with friends on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, but also add the app to your profile, comment on the app, rate it and love it right on the app page. AppCurious app pages are also a conduit for two-way communication between the app developer and the app users. Let's see your App Store do that! To get more, please visit http://www.appcurio.us and experience AppCurious on the web.