• 2012 November 30

Company Description

AppDeck is an app developer that works with companies to make apps from their existing HTML5 websites.

AppDeck help website publish their content into a native application for iPhone and Android. Nowadays, Although the growth of websites comes from mobile users, still the great majority of websites do not have a mobile application. Even if they do, mostly their apps offer poor user experience. Just go to the 'News' section of AppStore, to see it on yourself – half of them has bad or average ranks. Why ? First: Usually website technical team can't do the app on their own. They simply don't know how to write native code, and this is a job for specialized engineer – a very rare and expensive employee. Second: Although they can ask an agency to do it for them, most of them cannot afford it. It will cost them at least few thousand dollars for the basic app. So, at this point, the only solution for them is either do nothing or use tools like phoneGap that embed the mobile version of their website in an application. But results are mostly bad - the app is slow, buggy, not responsive and it does not feels like a real native app. In fact, most of apps that use this kind of technologies get the worst ranks in AppStore. AppDeck solves all those problems. Dedicated to website – AppDeck allows them to create a high quality native app that use existing HTML page but only for graphics. As the result you get a fast and responsive app that offers premium features like push notification, offline mode, content synchronization among others.