• 2012 December 05

Company Description

aPperbook is a technology company that delivers eBook solution and publishing platform for publishers and educational institutes.

aPperbook is a technology company that delivers eBook solution and publishing platform, to securely distribute books in a digital format on Windows, Apple and Android devices. The platform allows publishers, and in particular school book publishers to distribute their current books digitally, in an App format that works on Apple iPad, Android 3 and 4 and Windows devices. An early version of the Platform has been successfully used in the Irish market for school year 2011/12 and 2012/13. E-Books have been around for years, yet distribution in the primary and post-primary (K12) education markets is only taking off. Publishers in these sectors were slow to go digital due to the traditional nature of their companies, the cost of converting or creating interactive books, organizational structures with limited technical resources and lack of demand, that is, until around 2011 when the iPad was launched. Outside of the large global educational publishers, these companies are struggling to meet the demand for digital versions of their books. They are losing market share to competitors that have managed to produce digital products, and they are dabbling in solutions that deliver for a proportion of their catalogs, but not all. aPperbook is a solution that enables a publisher to distribute digital versions of all their books, through their own branded platform and apps, in the space of 6 weeks. The firm cater for the unique and varied purchasing models for schoolbooks around the globe, and enable a publisher or client to set their own business rules, to suit their market and circumstances. Above all the books delivered through aPperbook look exactly the same as the print versions and therefore make the introduction to the classroom very easy, particularly for teachers who are just starting to introduce technology to their classrooms.